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Sweetwood Capital was started at the request of a few families who noticed that conflicts of interests had become widely spread in the asset management industry, and realized that working with independent wealth managers had become a necessity.

Sweetwood Capital is strictly independent.

Acting independently also means thinking independently.

It means having the freedom to create the best solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.


Sweetwood Capital offers Asset Management, Family Office and Investment Marketing services for institutions, family offices, high net-worth individuals, trusts and foundations.

– Asset Management

– Family Office

– Venture Capital

We take a holistic approach to our clients’ wealth and offer tailor made solutions based on the specific needs of each client.


We pride ourselves on providing outstanding service which starts from the top. The Firm's principals oversee each of our client relationships which ensures a highly personalized service.

At a time when investment decisions are too easily outsourced, we provide total transparency and commit ourselves to full accountability for every investment decision.

A Leader in Independent Wealth Management.
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Navigating Tomorrow's Financial Markets.
Partnering with Israel's Leading Technology.
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